Nick Sawyer started his directing career in the 90?s in music videos whilst living in the United States; he worked with the likes of Cypress Hill, Gwen McCrea, Alice in Chains, building up a sizable music video catalogue as a director. During this period Nick paralleled his career as a director with of a director of photography, shooting projects for REM , Diana Ross, Anastasia, Simply Red, Radio Head to name but very few.

On returning to the UK in the mid 90?s Nick prioritized the development his commercials career and become synonymous with many of the big directing names at that time: Nick Jones, Mike Lipscombe, Roger Lunn, Patricia Murphy, Chris Hartwill and of late has been one of the new wave of 3D (stereoscopic) cinematographers working with Gerald Mc Morrow.
In 1994 Nick won the Ernst and Young Cinematographer of the year award for the Lynx commercial ?Caravan? and has since been nominated for several CAD and D&AD awards. In 1996 Nick shot his first feature film ?Hard Men? with JK Amalou directing and then went on to shoot JK?s next feature ? Man Who Would Be Queen? on which he was also and executive producer. He followed this with ?Spirit Trap?in 2005 before deciding to look once to Directing. Over the past years Nick has gained a reputation as one of the front-runners in the new wave of life style, food, liquids and special effects directors incorporating many of the techniques learnt from his music video days, refined with the quality demanded by the commercials world. His current clients include McDonalds, O2, Philips, KFC?

Early Career:

As a camera assistant Nick started work in news. He did numerous stints in Northern Ireland filming the troubles there. On several occasions he carried out interviews with Sin Fein leaders and recollects one particular interview shot in car headlights in Southern Ireland with an IRA operative ? It was terrifying but strangely when it was all over they asked us if we wanted to go for a drink?. After working in news for a year or so he deemed it as to dangerous when the hotel windows were blown out one afternoon. Nick moved into TV dramas, working for the BBC and ITV on several projects before getting an opportunity to move into features where he worked with the likes of James Cameron and John Glenn on films such as? Aliens? and James Bond? View to a kill? and many more before moving to America and embarking on a career in music videos and commercials.